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Choosing a preschool program that will challenge and nurture your child is difficult. At Circle of Friends, we are proud to offer a unique preschool program that has five teachers teaching a specific subject area to all three age groups, Nursery, Prekindergarten and Kindergarten each day. The activities they teach in these subject areas are modified up or down to meet the developmental level of each group.

The Circle of Friends preschool program accepts children between the ages of two years nine months and six years old from September to June. The preschool program operates Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 12:30pm. Children are placed into Nursery, Prekindergarten or Kindergarten based on their age as of September 30th. This is the same criteria the surrounding public schools use to determine when children enter first grade.

Children enrolled in the Circle of Friends preschool program start each day with “Circle Time” which brings together the entire school for the calendar to discuss the days weather and any special events, and songs. It’s a time for noise, laughter and fun – and learning new social skills. After “Circle" a snack is provided.

Next, children break into groups assigned by age (Kindergarten, Prekindergarten and Nursery) and begin their daily rotation through five intergrated learning areas, each directed by a specially qualified teacher.

In “Math and Science” a lesson on the cycles of nature focuses on the sea creatures living in the Circle of Friends’ aquariums.

In “Music and Movement” children strike up a band or watch themselves in a wall of mirrors move in various games all directed by music.

In “Language Arts” children participate in a wide variety of language activities that range from big book stories and smell and taste classes to working daily in a reading program.

In “Gross Motor” children experience the use of their body in space by participating in a variety of hopping, jumping, and throwing games.

And “Art” lessons not only include the development of fine motor skills through creative projects using paper, paste, and paint, but also the development of sensory awareness. For example, the smell, taste, and texture of food are explored in cooking lessons – and eating the results is the best fun of all!

The Circle of Friends School, Inc.
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